CVD Diamond Coatings

Blue Wave Semiconductors offers a wide variety of CVD Diamond Coating Services and Products.

CVD Diamond’s are diamonds that are synthetically produced through machines such as the ones that we provide here at Blue Wave Semiconductor. CVD diamonds have a wide variety of uses in many technical applications and are also used in many niche markets. Here at Blue Wave we can provide the diamonds that are needed for your project and can even provide the machine to create these diamonds.

What are CVD Diamonds?

CVD or Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamonds, a composition of synthetic based diamonds, that are utilized in the creations of optical, thermal, sensors, and modern technology.

What advantages of CVD diamonds over Real Diamonds?

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Synthetic Diamonds, can be utilized for further more resources over real Diamonds.
  • Easily accessible, and not as limited as real diamonds.
  • These Synthetic Diamonds are the hardest diamonds created which results in them having the highest thermal conductivity. The high thermal conductivity enables the diamonds to be used in applications where immense heat is required.

Modern Uses


CVD diamonds can be used in many aspects of modern technology. Devices using modern day technology use a high level apparatus incorporating CVD diamonds, that provide several benefits. Items such as microprocessors which are in every modern piece of technology have melting points that are much too high for most modern elements to handle, except for CVD diamonds.



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