Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Substrate Heaters and Power Supply Inquiries

Q: I need a substrate heater that can operate in vacuum (<500 mtorr) as well as in oxygen environments up to 850ºC. Is this something that you could manufacture?
A: Yes. Blue Wave Semiconductors manufactures two types of substrate heaters to provide the best result in both environments. The oxygen and vacuum environment compatible Inconel 600 heater products are the best choice for depositions under 850ºC (can be taken to 900ºC for shorter periods of time under 30 minute operations). The Boron Nitride substrate heater products can be taken to temperatures up to 1100ºC. BN substrate heater is an excellent choice for use in vacuum environments or wherein inert gases are used during deposition processes. BN heaters are not recommended for oxidization deposition processes.
Q: Is the Inconel 600 substrate heater compatible with corrosive gases such as SiH4?
A: Yes. The Inconel 600 unit is compatible with most of the reactive gases such as SiH4, NH3, O2, etc.
Q: How will I setup the substrate heater unit in the chamber?
A: Blue Wave Semiconductors saves you time by offering in-house substrate heater mounting to the CF Flange size of your choice.
Q: Why should I purchase your substrate heaters and/or power supplies?
A: Blue Wave Semiconductors is a leader in supplying well designed and process compatible substrate heaters to our customers working in the areas of electronics grade thin films and device technologies. There is a lot of innovative engineering and component manufacturing behind our product which we consider the basis for maintaining a high quality standard for our line of products and most importantly, our research and development customers. We also provide a 1 year guarantee on our substrate heaters and accessories such as power supplied feedthroughs, etc. which normally last well over the guaranteed period.
Q: How soon will I receive my substrate heater(s)? Power supply(s)?
A: The substrate heater units are normally shipped out 1 – 4 weeks following the placement of the order for the units depending upon the status of our inventory and desired customization. Power supplies are generally also shipped out within 2 weeks from the placement of the order.
Q: For technical difficulties or questions about my heater and/or power supply unit, who should I speak with?
A: Please contact Dr. RD Vispute for technical support by phone at the number: 301-706-8833 or by email: If you inquire by email, we will get back to you as soon as possible within 24 hours.
Q: What are the most common substrate heater sizes available without customization?
A: The standard substrate heater sizes most commonly available are: 1.60″, 2.2″, 3.1″, and 4.10″ outer diameters.
Q: How much do the substrate heaters and power supply units generally weigh?
A: The standard substrate heaters generally range from 1 – 4lbs depending upon the desired specifications provided and the standard sizes offered. The power supply units weigh about 10 -12lbs depending upon whether you need the rack mount or general power supply unit.

Vacuum System Inquiries

Q: Can you build deposition systems similar to your HFCVD unit for other processes such as PVD, evaporation, sputtering, etc.?
A: Yes, please refer to our deposition systems section.

Q: How would I go about selecting the type of system I would like for my application/process?
A: Blue Wave Semiconductors does its best in assisting its customers in selection of the type of system needed for the process whether it be Physical Vapor Deposition, Hot Filament Chemical Vapor Deposition, Chemical Vapor Deposition, Pulsed Laser Deposition, etc. We offer high quality standard systems to meet the requirements for the processes of our customers, and allow for personal preference in the customization of a system that is right for you.
Q: Can the deposition systems be used for multilayer or thick layer deposition?
A: Yes.
Q: Is on-site installation assistance available?
A: Yes.

General Inquiries

Q: What kind of research goes on at Blue Wave Semiconductors?
A: Blue Wave Semiconductors, Inc. is a global leader in developing advanced thin film and nanomaterials deposition systems, tool components, and nanotechnology based electronic and photonic devices. Please see Research and Development on our website for more information.

Q: Do you sell special coatings of oxides, nitrides, or metals? What about nanoparticle coatings?
A: Yes

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