hfcvd system

Hot Filament Chemical Vapor Deposition System

Model: BWS-HFCVD1000
The BWS HFCVD System is a fully-customizable hot filament chemical vapor deposition system designed for synthesis of nano and micro polycrystalline diamond, graphene, carbon nanotubes, and a variety of other thin film coatings.

Designed for an affordable and simplified deposition process, the HFCVD System is used in universities and research labs throughout the USA and internationally and offers several built-in and custom features necessary to begin deposition high quality films within hours of installation.






  • Nano and Micro Polycrystalline Diamond Coatings
  • Carbon Nanotubes
  • Multilayer Graphene Synthesis
  • Customizable, electropolished stainless steel reactor chamber with built-in water cooling
  • BWS filament assembly designed for small and large area deposition while reaching temperatures up to 2500°C and above
Custom Options Available:
  • Automated process pressure controller
  • BWS rotating substrate heater capable of reaching temperatures up to 800°C
  • Linear motion z-stage for vertical position adjustment of the substrate
  • Load lock with gate valve and transfer arm for easy sample transfer
  • 350 L/sec turbopump
  • Automated system control via LabView software
  • Infrared pyrometer for temperature monitoring
  • In-chamber Raman tool
  • Laser reflection interferometry accessory


Process Chamber
  • Customizable 12” diameter, spherical stainless steel water-cooled chamber
  • 10” quick access door for sample and filament holder loading and unloading
  • Multii-flanged chamber for optical windows and accessories mounting
  • Base pressure compatibility better than 5x10-2 Torr and is capable of reaching ultra high vacuum (UHV) levels
  • Maximum baiking temperature of 300°C when fitted with copper gaskets 
  • Electro-polished inside and out for enhanced mechanical properties and corrosion protection
Gas Flow System
  • Full-scale flow ranges from 10 sccm up to 1000 sccm
  • Repeatable flow control to as low as 0.2 sccm
  • Gas shut-off valves for over-pressure safety
  • 1% F.S. accuracy and 1% of reading for most flow ranges
  • Mass flow controllers may be calibrated for a wide range of inert and reactive gases
Pressure Management System
  • High accuracy, full –range pressure gauge with digital display
  • Integrated capacitance manometer vacuum pressure gauge
  • Upstream or downstream process pressure control options
  • Built-in pressure set-point interlock for over pressure safety protection
  • Full Scale ranges as low as 1 Torr for low pressure processes and up to 100 Torr
Temperature Management System
  • Versatile 2” - 4" diameter closed –loop substrate heater (temperature max 800°C and temperature non-uniformity across the wafer within 5-10%)
  • Eurotherm 2416 temperature controller for substrate heating with auto programming and manual modes
Power Source
  • 3 to 10 Kilowatt DC Power supply with digital display and over voltage protection
  • Mounted with 200 Amp current capacity cables for high current performance
  • Safety interlock included for electrical current output shutdown


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