Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition System


2D films of molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) can be grown using Blue Wave Semi TCVD tool- Model MOS-II. Researchers can fabricate high mobility field-effect transistors and flexible transparent displays and other electronic and optoelectronic devices.

Typical System has: Quartz tube reactor, mass flow controller for H2, boat for solid source, differential heating zone for source vaporization and deposition and related accessories. Request a quote for more details, click here

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Product Description


Proto-typed 2012- Blue Wave Semiconductors Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition system model BWI 2012 TESTED TCVD with 1″ diameter quartz reactor for growing carbon related materials on Si and related substrates. System includes the following: 1100°C TUBE FURNACE: Robust tube furnace 1100°C configurable for horizontal mounting. Single zone models of 12″ heated length. Furnace use independent digital temperature control module which is available in standard or programmable options with easy operation. General Features include:
• Designed for horizontal operation

• Designed for holding 1 cm to 1 x 1 inch samples

• Heating element modules for superior radial and linear temperature uniformity, fast heat-up and cool-down, long-life, energy efficient elements require little or no maintenance, unique cabinet design achieves lower exterior surface temperature, Compact module with high temperature resistant painted finish

• Leak proof seals and easy tube access

• Gas delivery module with Precision MKS Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs) with flow rates:
1) 0-50 SCCM of CH4 or C2H2 (or flow of your choices)
2) 0-500 SCCM of H2.(or flow of your choices) 3) 0-1000 SCCM of Ar (or flow of your choices)

The TCVD system includes independent electronic control and display of various ranges for each MFC developed by MKS. They are designed to control gas flows in a wide variety of applications and are available with full-scale flow ranges from 10 sccm up to 2000 sccm of nitrogen or calibrated to specific gases. Each MFC has an electronic knob and digital display to control gas flow, and they are configured / calibrated for given gases (“gas with correction factor). They are constructed with gas shut-off valves for over pressure safety shut off. All flow controls are manual using turn knobs or optional lab view software control. The features include:

  • Elastomer-sealed
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • 1% F.S. accuracy and 1% of reading for most flow ranges
  • Repeatable flow control to as low as 0.2 sccm
  • Quartz tube with both end sealed with closing with gas inlet and outlet
  • Gas injection inlet connected through MFCs
  • All hardware on steel frame support

System Options

1. Pressure Gauge

The Pfeiffer full range vacuum gauge and display to measuring vacuum from atmosphere and process pressure control uses a high accuracy pressure gauge with digital display communication. This Blue Wave deposition tool has external built in electronics and utilizes pressure set-point interlock for over pressure safety protection.

2. Process Pressure Controller

Blue Wave integrates MKS Instruments 640 Absolute Pressure Controller which is a self-contained compact, closed-loop electronic control system used for upstream or downstream pressure control. The auto pressure process controller is designed for operating deposition pressure from 10 Torr to 200 Torr automatically. It contains a Baratron® Capacitance Manometer, normally-closed proportioning control valve, and closed-loop control electronics.
The features & benefits are:

  • Integrated Baratron® manometer for accuracy, reliability, and wide range
  • Full Scale ranges as low as 10 Torr for low pressure processes and up to 200 Torr pressure

3. Additional MFC

Additional MFC for doping or Nanodiamond synthesis using Ar gas is an additional accessory.

4. Liquid Bubbler

Liquid bubbler for liquid precursor delivery and related hardware

5. Computer Control

Lab View Control and related hardware (Computer not included, no programmed recipe)




  • 40mm ID x 24”long quartz tube
  • Designed for horizontal operation
  • Heating designed for superior radial and linear temperature uniformity
  • Fast heat-up and cool-down
  • Energy efficient and low maintenance design
  • Unique cabinet design limits exterior surface temperature
  • Leak proof seals with easy tube access
  • Base pressure compatibility better than 5×10-2 Torr

Gas Flow System

  • Full-scale flow ranges available from 10 sccm up to 1000 sccm
  • Repeatable flow control to as low as 0.2 sccm
  • Gas shut-off valves for over-pressure safety
  • 1% F.S. accuracy and 1% of reading for most flow ranges
  • Digital flow meters with fine electronic control available

Pressure Management System

  • Upstream or downstream process pressure control options
  • Built-in pressure set-point interlock for over pressure safety protection
  • Integrated Baratron® manometer for accuracy, reliability, and wide range
  • Full Scale ranges as low as 1 Torr for low pressure processes and up to 100 Torr pressure


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