Boron Nitride Substrate Heater for Vacuum Deposition

The Boron Nitrate Heater has a temperature uniformity within 5-10% and can withstand temperatures up to 1000-1100°C in annealing and deposition processes. Blue Wave’s BN heater includes a stainless steel shield with 6 x4-40 tapped holes for sample clamping. The inbuilt K-type thermocouple (with 24″ inch long fiber glass shielded cables) is mounted from the back, approaching the hot surface for accurate temperature measurement. The two 36″ long glass fiber are insulated and flexible conductor wires for heater power. Back plate holder has one 10-32 tapped hole for heater mounting.

Built for precision temperature control and uniform heating of the substrate or wafer, the BWS Boron Nitride Substrate Heater is the perfect heating accessory for a variety of thin film research and development applications. Vacuum compatible (10-8Torr) boron nitride based heaters are good for vacuum deposition wherein mostly inert or noble gases (Ar, Ne, Kr, N2, NH3, H2) are used during deposition or thermal processes. These heaters are good for vacuum metallization, annealing, recrystallization, epi-growth alloying, adhesion improvement during deposition of films, moisture removal, surface cleaning, sample degassing, coatings, stress removal in thin films and coatings, and characterization of surfaces and thin films at high temperatures in vacuum or inert gases. They are not recommended for reactive deposition processes, particularly where oxygen is used. These heaters are excellent for deposition of thin film materials and aren’t limited to silicon, germanium, Ni, Cr, Ag, W, Au, Pd, and multilayers of metals and alloys.

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Substrate Heaters

Model: SH-BN

Product Description

The Boron Nitride Substrate Heater is a vacuum process heater designed for processes wherein mostly non-reactive gases are used. These heating modules are built to hold, heat, cool, rotate, and bias samples and wafers as a cost-effective tool for leading-edge research and development.

Several variations of the Boron Nitride heater are available. Heating area diameters are available in sizes ranging from 1″ to 5″, and the substrate heater may be customized to incorporate both linear travel and substrate rotation features.

Complementing power supplies with up to 2 kW of power are available in both rackmount and desktop units.

  • Vacuum Annealing, Doping, Catalytic Reaction
  • In-Situ Surface Science, R & D
  • Gas Sensor Temperature dependent Characterization
  • Epitaxy of Oxides, Nitrides, Carbides, Metals

Key Features

  • Operating temperatures up to 1000°C
  • Excellent tool for deposition of thin film materials of metals and alloys
  • Vacuum compatibility from 10-8 Torr to 10-1 Torr
  • Heating element collar for element protection



  • Maximum temperature of operation up to 1100°C
  • Vacuum compatibility 10-8-10-7Torr
  • Integrated in-built k-type temperature sensor thermocouple with extended flexible and insulated thermocouple wires
  • Flexible glass fiber insulated wire conductors for powering
  • Inconel collar with tapped holes for substrate clamping
  • Available sizes From 0.5″ to 6″ diameter
  • Bias capability
  • Precision temperature
  • PID controlled power supply 110V-220V
  • Easy to Install

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