Blue Wave Semi Celebrates Blue Wave Designing Scientists

Physics Nobel prize goes to scientists who perfected LED light: Amano from Japan and S. Nakamura from UCSB were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics who help creating efficient LED lights from their pioneering work and invented efficient blue light-emitting diodes. Their work on wide band gap III-nitrides and related diodes have enabled today’s bright and energy-saving white light sources.” The laureates were rewarded for having invented a new energy-efficient and environment-friendly light source. Dr. Vispute congratulates this team as Dr. Vispute himself worked on this challenging and technologically revolutionary material technology and followed their work and implemented pulsed laser deposition technique to achieve high quality and related can be found in our

Blue Wave Exhibits at NIST

Blue Wave Semiconductors is exhibiting at the Mid-Atlantic American Vacuum Society meeting on May 16, 2014 hosted by National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST), Gaithersburg, MD. Blue Wave Semiconductors has a variety of thin film deposition tools including integrated standard & customized physical (pulsed laser, magnetron sputtering, electron beam evaporator, thermal evaporator) and chemical vapor deposition (graphene, CNTs, nanodiamond, MoS2, WS2) tools for advanced nano and thin film materials at lower cost. Our products are specially designed for high research and development Universities and R&D Labs. Our core competency is in designing high performance tool that yield rapid throughput in thin film research in nanotechnology, semiconductors, optoelectronics, thin films and device technologies. Please visit us to discuss your thin film deposition tool requirements and thin film R&D custom needs.

MRS San Francisco

Dr. RD Vispute will be at the spring meeting of MRS in San Francisco. Blue Wave will be at booth #518 displaying the products and services Blue Wave can offer. Stop by to get more information on all of our products

Graphene by Blue Wave Hot Filament CVD

Blue Wave Semiconductors has developed a large area scalable hot filament CVD tool for growing graphene. The tool has load-lock attachment for wafer transfer. Our process development using Blue Wave HFCVD plus system for graphene provide a wide opportunity for growth of graphene on various substrates such as copper catalyzed Si, SiC, sapphire and many more.
Graphene by BWS HFCVD

MRS Boston

Blue Wave’s work on nanodiamond foils is featured by MRS in their Meeting Scene newsletter for days one and two of the fall MRS convention. Blue Wave is featured in the technical sessions segment. For more information on this work including our poster and presentation please email Dr. Vispute at You can download the newsletter from the link below. Just search “Blue Wave” to read about our research.
2013 MRS Fall Meeting-Days 1 & 2

AVS Presentation

Dr. RD Vispute presented a contributed oral presentation at the AVS 60th International Symposium and Exhibition. The title of his talk was Innovative Thin Film Deposition Tools for R&D from Blue Wave Semiconductors.” Read more about AVS here

IU-MRS China

Blue Wave Semiconductors exhibited at the 12th annual International Advanced Materials Conference in Qingdao, China. Thank you to everybody who stopped by the Blue Wave Booth, it was a great trip for our first trime in China.