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The following information will be used to process your quotation request.

Deposition Techniques

Please select or specify an deposition technique in which the heater will be used.

 Thermal Evaporation Chemical Vapor Deposition / MOCVD Vacuum Annealing Atomic Layer Deposition(ALD) Pulsed Laser Deposition Reactive Sputtering Other


Please select or specify an application in which the heater will be used.

 Polycrystalline Thin Films Epitaxial or Single Crystal Thin Films Annealing Thin Films Recrystallization of Thin Films Doping Temperature Dependant Sample Characteristics Other

Growth Process Ambient

The gasses used in your deposition process will determine the material your heater will be made out of and the maximum achievable temperature.

 Oxygen Ammonia Hydrogen Methane Silane Fluorine Chlorine Nitrogen Argon Inert


Heating stage diameter (*Required)

Whether you are heating small substrates or full size wafers, we can provide a heater to fit your needs.

1.0 2.2 3.1 4.1 5.1 6.1 

Maximum Temperature Requirement (*Required)

The substrate heater can operate in a range of temperatures from room temperature to 1000C. Your temperature range can be limited by whether your processing environment contains reactive gases

 Room Temperature - 600 °C max. Room Temperature - 750 °C max. Room Temperature - 850 °C max. Room Temperature - 1000 °C max. (Vacuum only)

Vacuum compatibility (*Required)

We can supply you with a heater for high vacuum, low vacuum, and normal atomspheric pressure.

 10-3 Torr - Atmospheric Pressure 10-8 Torr - Atmospheric Pressure Only High Vacuum (10-5 - 10-8 Torr)

Flange Mounting

For your convenience, your substrate heater can be mounted in a variety of configurations.

 6" CF flange (on-center) 8" CF flange 8" Rotatable CF flange (on-center) ISO 100K (0.5" offset) None

Custom Configuration:

Temperature Controller

Temperature controller to compliment our substrate heater's operation.

 BWS PS1000 (Recommended) None

Questions/Comments: Feel free to submit any additional comments and questions.

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